MAPSS Database Registration Form

Please fill out all fields to apply for access to the MAPSSdb on the Arches database platform.

General Terms & Conditions

Requests for access will be considered by MAPSS personnel. Applicants who require access to specific and limited subsets of data – e.g., doctoral students, will be considered as Academic Research Users who are viewed as data users rather than data creators. They must apply for access and agree to use only those resources for which they have applied. Access can be time-limited. A user-agreement policy with appropriate terms and conditions should be signed by the applicant, once the application is approved by the MAPSS Management Committee.

Applicants who require larger datasets or access over longer periods will be considered as Academic Research Partners and will include individuals and projects who have set up a research partnership with MAPSS requiring larger datasets or access over longer periods. Such collaboration requires formal agreements around research outcomes and publications, and a commitment to provide MAPSS with updated data, and specific terms and conditions.

Appropriate acknowledgement of the MAPSS project is required in any publication / thesis / communication. Permission must be sought from the MAPSS Management Committee prior to publishing any data contained within the MAPSS Database. Where permission is granted, the MAPSS project, associated institutions, and any additional sources as requested by the project should be duly credited.

Data cannot be shared with third parties.

Access is given for a specific purpose and period of time – access is not open-ended.

MAPSS can terminate access at any time if the user infringes on the Terms & Conditions OR if requested by our local Mongolian partners.

It is the individual user’s responsibility to contact relevant Department of Antiquities/Heritage Institution prior to using or publishing any of the data gained from the MAPSS Database.

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